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"Read me and smile,  

 Read me and cry,

 Read me and


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My Story

I guess my story has to begin when I was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease back in May 2015.  As we do I googled this illness and the prognosis was 1 to 5 years, I was devastated.  I still felt young and full of vitality, I had battled breast cancer, I had survived pancreatitis twice and now I had an illness where nothing could be done!  I had only gone to the doctors with what was a little tickle at the back of my throat! It was the last thing on the bottom of my list that I had gone to see her about.

I decided to retire early and do all the things that I had never had time to do before.  I gave up my flat and my husband and I rented a bungalow by the sea, much more expensive but what the hell did money matter.  My husband wanted me to enjoy the fresh air and smells of the sea. I also convinced my husband to retire early too so we could both enjoy our new surroundings.

I was sent to see a doctor who specialised in this type of lung disease, to see what they could do for me if anything.  I had more tests done and she gave me the best news ever, she couldn’t make a positive diagnosis.  Whilst she couldn’t discount this horrible disease, she and her team decided it was more likely to be pulmonary fibrosis which is treatable.  

We were over the moon!  So we made another big decision, I drew off 30% tax free from my works pension and we bought our first ever house in South Wales.  So now we are both retired, no rent to pay and lots of time on our hands.

I had earlier discovered I had a talent for writing poetry.  We used to do craft markets and we made poetry books and printed poems on photographs.  My friendship poems seem to resonate with our customers and my bereavement poems made people cry.  So I decided I wanted to try and help people through my poetry.  I had been on such a roller coaster of emotions I felt like I wanted to help other people going through their own roller coaster; I wanted to help them on their journey with my words, my poetry. This was how I wanted to spend some of my valuable time.

It feels amazing that at last I am doing something I love and my poetry is helping people too. Oh, and I mustn’t forget that I am also enjoying every minute of my life, retirement really is wonderful!